Incorporating amendments up to and including September 2017


    1.1.  The objects of the club are:

       a.  to provided the opportunity fro Members to take part in fell walking and scrambling activities whilst socialising with members

       b.  to provide guidance in techniques of these activities

       c.  to offer walks ranging from gentle rambles to more challenging hikes and scrambles

    1.2  In pursuing these objects, the Club may co-operate with ,or join any other with comparable aims.


    2.1  Advantages of Club membership include:

                 a. competitive coach fares

                 b.  a Club newsletter, published every 2-3 months

                 c.  access to a range of tents for hire at low prices

                 d.  discounts at a number of equipment retail outlets

                 e.  access to courses on fell walking and mountain craft

                 f.  some social events.  surpluses will be reinvested into the club's activities


    3.1.   Membership of the Club is open to the general public

    3.2.   Membership may be refused or terminated at the absolute discretion of the Committee.  In the unlikely event that membership is to be terminated, the member will be advised in writing.  The member has the right of appeal, by writing to the Club Secretary  


    4.1.   The Club is organised on a non-profit basis, wherey any surplus or gains in Club Funds are reinvested in the Club.. Any net assets on the dissolution of the Club, are to be applied to approved related outdoor activity or related charitable purposes as determined by the Committee

    4.2.   In order for the Club to operated efficiently, the Committee is responsible for ensuring that the Club's finances are operated in a sustainable manner such that the Club Funds are not unreasonably or inappropriately depleted.

    4.3    The running of the Club shall be in the hands of the Committee.  The Committee shall have the power to co-op Members, as it thinks fit.

    4.4.   The Committee shall be made up as follows: Chairman,  Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Social Secretary, Editor, Quartermaster and such other members as elected at the AGM

    4.5.   In the event of resignation of an Officer, the Committee shall appoint  a successor to serve until the AGM.

    4.6.   The Committee will retire annually, but any Member may seek re-election.  Officers and Committee Members who do not wish to stand for re-election, should advise the Committee with in reasonable time of the publication of the June newsletter, in order to allow the time for officer nominations to be submitted (with a seconder) to the Cub Secretary, in time for publication in the August newsletter


    5.1    Subscriptions shall be payable annually and shall be decided at the AGM

    6 SAFETY

    6.1   During an Activity, Members are required to wear strong boots, appropriate clothing and to carry the following items of equipment in a well-fitting rucksack: spare warm clothing, a full set of waterproofs, torch, basic fisrt aid kit, emergency rations, sufficient water and a survival bag

    6.2    Prior to the commencement of an Activity, any individual Member or group of Members must provide an appropriate Officer with their intended route

    6.3.   Individual are advised to carry details of any relevant medical conditions and medication requirements.

    6.4.   During any Activity, Members ar advised to have a copy of the Club's emergency contact details which is available on the club programme.  Members are advised to carry their emergency contact details.

    6.5   Each member or group must have at least one relevant map and a compass or GPS in their possession.  For groups of Members, this will normally be the responsibility of the Group Leader.


    7.1  The AGM shall be held during the month of September

    7.2 The business of the AGM shall be:

      a. to receive the minutes of the previous AGM

    b to receive the reports of the Chairman and Treasurer

    c. to elect the Committee whose responsibilities will commence post - AGM

    d.  to appoint an Auditor

    e. to consider, discuss and where appropriate, vote on any matters (including any proposals) raised by Members, having been notified to the Secretary by no later than 31st July   and published in the Agenda.

    f.  where time permits, to purely discuss any other business and matters raised by  Members.

    g. to set the Fees for the coming year. 


    8.1. Upon  receipt of a written request from five Members, the Secretary shall call a Special General Meeting to take place as soon as practical.

    9 QUORUM

    9.1. A quorum for an AGM or Special General Meeting shall be 20% of the Members.  At a Committee meeting, a quorum shall be a majority of the Committee.


    10.1. Changes to the Constitution may only be effected:

    a. at the AGM, or

    b at a Special General Meeting at which no other business shall be discussed.

    10.2 Written notification of any proposed amendment to the Constitution shall be presented to the Secretary and circulated to all Members, to satisfy 7[e] for an AGM and 8.1 for a special general meeting.


    11.1  Each Member consents to Club holding and processing data relating to him/her for administrative purposes in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.


    12.1 As a condition of Membership (and for any other person taking part in an Activity), Members must agree to and acknowledge the following 

    a that  it has been brought to the Member's attention that may of the Club's Activities take place on steep, exposed, mountainous or otherwise potentially hazardous terrain

         b      that any children or other persons who partake in the Club's activities at the invitation of a Member, shall remain the responsibility throughout the course of any Activity.  That Member agrees to the indemnify the Organisers against all and any liability arising  by virtue of that Member's invitee's participation in an Activity

        c       that the Organisers do not hold themselves out as having any particular skills or experience and do not bear any responsibility for Member's or Member's invitee's safety

        d      that the Organisers shall not be under a duty to effect or maintain insurance cover in respect of death or injury to Members or other persons who partake in an Activity, nor loss or damage to their property arising from participation in an Activity

        e      that Members are responsible for ensuring that they and their invitees are properly equipped and clothed for any Activity

        f      that Members participate in Activities in the knowledge of all the above facts and in so doing, acknowledge that they are a volunteer for the attendant risks and that no liability for death, injury or damage to property arising from member's participation will attach to the Organisers

      g      that any Members who have not yet renewed their Membership post AGM, but continue to attend Activities, will continue to be bound by the terms of the Constitution  

      h      that any individuals that are new to the Club whose Membership  is yet to be ratified, will be asked to sign a separate form confirming that they are bound by the terms of the Constitution prior to their participation in any Act.